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  3. There's a Nokia Lumia 1520 that is the best, it's just not from AT&T

So, better get saving if you really want one. Thanks for posting this. I went for a Lumia instead. Does anyone else have any info on that?

I am using it with T-Mobile and loving it, everything is working except wifi calling. I hate that T-mobile support techs refused to help me with Nokia but thanx different posts online i got it to work…. Wifi calling isnt important to me but Internet Sharing was the most important feature that was needed and was unhappy with T-mobile tech support for not helping me in this matter, but anyway i got it to work also.

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  2. Nokia Lumia 1520 on T-Mobile?
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Ah, perhaps I misread. I know that feeling though. This was why I jumped on the when it started getting so cheap at Newegg. Love my , at 4. Will if anyone knows or remembers T-MOBILE did give a fighting chance to Windows phones, but it started to fade away, now it seems people want them back. Of course it is! And the new ? Oh please…..


Nokia Lumia on T-Mobile | Windows Phone 8 Development and Hacking

Please list the apps you want that have that memory requirement. It is usually the case that apps and games requiring 1 Gb of team are soon optimized for Mb. Phones are an insignificant part of their business. Believe it or not, tech companies can be successful by doing things besides phones. You will lose wifi calling and tethering.

Unofficial T-Mobile Blog, News, Videos, Articles and more

The phone works awesome on the network and Negri Electronics is a reputable company in my experience. Staff at my T-Mobile store cut my sim down to a nano sim at no charge and made sure everything was working accurately. I believe the phone is a solid value for what you get. Are you sure tethering wont work?

The tethering is something that is connected to T-Mobile like the wifi devices from what I was told by T-Mobile technicians. So, why with my APN set correctly does it work for me??? I can use the entire 5 gig tethering if I want. You must have one of their new plans.

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Also… I did the 8. All is good with my I have a I have a new plan that I changed to recently. Tell me about the AP your using? If not, it must be your particular plan. Again, my 5gb data plan includes tethering in its total usage. The new plans have separate tethering allotments. Try the Spanish keyboard hack and then reboot the phone.

You can then put English back for the keyboard and tethering should work. Had this been 6 months ago I would not have hesitated. Again Tmo better get a high end Windows 8. Which is best for business use? Wireless PowerShare: Galaxy S10's hidden feature for road warriors.

There's a Nokia Lumia 1520 that is the best, it's just not from AT&T

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