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This game is compatible with Series 60 5th edition smartphones and newer. Draw Slasher: Pirate Zombie Monkies, need I say more? This crazy monkey slashing madness of a game plays out on a lonesome and quiet island where you, the lone ninja lives. Now it is up to you to stop this madness. Slash your way all the way through herds of monkey zombies!

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Dungeon Hunter 2 HD: One of most acclaimed RPG based mobile game of recent years most you know do not need an introduction to Dungeon Hunter 2. It is an astounding game all over and is worth the time! Eternal Legacy HD: With truly beautiful graphics and a thrilling storyline, this sci-fi and fantasy combo allows you to roam in a free world without boundaries. Overtime you will earn points and skills that will help you master combo moves and special perks.

Crusade Of Destiny 1.53.1 Symbian^3 Retail Version – Free Game Download

Fighter Pilot: Fighter Pilot for Nokia Symbian is an arcade style, side scrolling action game. Inspired from the Pacific War missions, you get to enjoy 16 different missions where your job is to ensure that the US Marines can properly push through the enemies stronghold with your dive bombers the only means to protect them.

Galaxy on Fire: The benchmark 3D action space shooter offers some of the most jaw dropping graphics you can ever experience on smartphones. Galaxy On Fire HD for Nokia also packs over 20 hours of gameplay, a detailed trading system, a fantastic original story and a great deal of other extras like weapon and shield upgrades etc.

500 Ultimate HD Games Collection

Motor Academy provides a complete racing experience that only a very few can offer. The Impossible Game: The only thing you have to do or can do is tap on the screen at the right time so that an orange square can topple over a series of obstacles. It is impossibly addictive ,so beware! With cockpit views, multi-guided missiles and an easy to master degree flying capability, HAWX truly is the best 3D game of its genre! One of my personal favorites of all time, on any platform!

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Hero of Sparta HD: Another epic action game with an engaging storyline that is set on the era of the Spartans. As King Argos your journey will have you defend the kingdom of Greece from Hades to Atlantis and many others. Combo moves, upgrades makes this action game quite an epic one! The joystick appears as a red disc in the lower left or right corner of the screen, there an option to choose which.

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Dragging the disc away from its centre moves your character, and the distance of the drag controls the speed of the movement - walking or running. Turning your character by walking in a circle will also move the camera i. Another aspect of moving around that gives me cause for complaint is navigation. For each area of the game, you have to buy a map, which is fair enough. However, when moving around, there is no compass with which to get your bearings on the landscapes.

Selecting a target to attack is a simple matter of tapping on it, although I found for distant targets against whom I wanted to make a ranged attack it varied from tricky to impossible to get them selected. The top left of the screen comprises icons for opening your map and accessing your character data.

Character data includes the inventory of objects your character is carrying, quest information, current skill set, etc.

Accompanying these icons are three bars. The red bar is your health points, which diminishes as you take damage, and recovers over time. In both cases you can buy potions to instantly replenish these bars. The final white bar is the experience points meter and shows your progress to the next level.

Battle effects, and the highly compact highly user interface. In RPG games, everything has a combat level.

App Report - news and reviews | Microsoft Devices Blog

Higher level combatants can deal proportionately more damage to targets with a combatant with a lower combat level, and vice versa. Simple, to the point, and he even roped in his robot friend to help. The app is available from the Beta Lab s now. And another excuse for me to include a screenshot from a role-playing game…. Top work. That someone is gvsvids who has produced a veritable plethora of videos showing the gameplay of various games available for phones running Nokia Belle and Symbian S60v5, including The Adventures of TinTin and Mobile Bowling.