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Specifications of Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone 4s 5 Strava Endomondo

  1. Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone 4s 5 Strava Endomondo
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Top 5 Best Running Apps

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Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone 4s 5 Strava Endomondo

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Customs and International Shipping fees included. International Admin Fee: The Match Your Last Run feature will definitely appeal to the go further, run harder mentality that you get a lot from Nike, but we found we rarely used it. In reality, just beating what you did last time, be it distance or pace, isn't really a smart way to become a better runner.

Not so much. Once you're actually running, things go a little downhill.

The in-run screen displays current pace, which sadly is often inaccurate and slow to respond, meaning you never quite know how fast you're going. You also get heart rate, duration and distance and you can rotate the watch crown to flick between pace and distance stats during a run. Sadly, there's no average pace and you can't make BPM the lead stat, which makes it less effective as a heart rate training tool. There's an indoor mode for tracking treadmill runs, too, but you have to remember to flick between indoor and outdoor settings manually, which is a little frustrating.

In our tests, we also found the distance to be a long way off what the treadmill told us we'd run, though that isn't too uncommon with wrist-based platforms. There are other nice touches, like complications support and the ability to set a reminder for 'When are we running' next, but this is limited to time slots from the current day. It doesn't recognise if you've already run and it would be nice to be able to set a reminder a little further into the future.

GPS Running & Workout Tracker

Free Download. Strava has a standalone app that lets you ditch the smartphone and see your real-time data straight from the Watch screen. It's still a pretty minimal experience, but data is laid out to make it easy to digest during a run. Distance, duration, splits and heart rate all covered here but customisation for these data fields are very limited.

How can I connect Fitbit heart rate monitor to oth - Fitbit Community

Initially, we experienced some accuracy problems in the distance and pacing departments when pitted against a GPS sports watch. And while this was too much of a mixed bag to recommend, it's got much better and we're banking on Strava on making further improvements to make it a much more reliable running app companion in the future too. Another of the popular smartphone apps tailored for the Apple Watch, Endomondo owned by Under Armour also offers indoor and outdoor run tracking, accessible with the tap of a complication from the Apple Watch home screen.

Read this: The best Apple Watch apps. Once you're running, the first of three main in-run screens displays duration, distance, current pace and HR. One swipe left provides more detailed pace stats, and a second swipe displays your current BPM and break down of how long you've spent in each of the five heart rate zones. There's also no run history.

In fact, once you've hit 'Done' after viewing your post-run stats, they're gone for good; there are no session specific features like interval running or pace and distance targets to follow; no maps, no cadence, no elevation, no integrated music controls. What you get here is GPS and heart rate tracking stripped back to the basics — but it's still one of the stronger apps for the Apple Watch.

Apple Workout

Much maligned when it initially launched, Workout has improved as the Watch has become more focused towards fitness. And in watchOS 5 things got even more powerful — so much so it's now a powerful workout tool. You can start a host of workouts from the Workout app, and there's modes for Indoor and Outdoor run. And you get plenty of data displayed on the watch itself, as well — which can be edited in the Apple Watch companion app.

You can use your iPhone to choose to display distance, current pace, heart rate, duration, average pace, active calories or total calories. You can dictate the order in which they're displayed, and also select between a single and multiple metric view. GymKit will make the Apple Watch a better workout companion. You're given one screen showcasing your stats, while a swipe to the left makes it easy to switch your tunes up and a quick right swipe can pause or end proceedings. However, if you lock the screen to avoid your sleeve accidentally pausing or ending your run, which happens a lot, you can't then rotate between stats.

The post run stats screen is fairly comprehensive with distance, time, active calories, overall calories, average pace, average heart rate, but, as with Nike, Endomondo and Strava, once you've hit 'Done', that's it. There's no workout history and you need to fire up your phone to review your run data. Unlike some options on this list, Runkeeper was early on the standalone app train.

When it comes to the watch app, though, there's not much to play with in terms of personalisation. Before you set out you can set a target pace and a maximum heart rate but that's all. One thing we loved about Runkeeper was the ability to create and follow set workouts. There are three pre-set options that include 20 Minute Easy Workout, 2. This immediately turns Runkeeper into a more serious training tool, opening up all kinds of options for speed and interval sessions.

Setting up a workout takes just a few minutes and the only real criticism we have is that the distance increments are too big the smallest you can set is 0. It's either or. In run mode, the screen is split into three areas with the top segment fixed to show duration and GPS signal strength. You can tap the middle segment to switch between distance and current pace, while tapping the bottom segment flicks between showing current and average pace, current pace and heart rate.

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You can also swipe left to see splits. As with most Apple Watch running apps, there's no run history shown in the app — you need to fire up the phone to delve deeper into your data. While we can't vouch for the JogRunSprint training approach, there's something brilliantly simple and massively motivating about this interval-focused app. The premise is simple: Rest and repeat. Presumably until you're sick. You can use the iPhone app to choose the number of intervals in each set and the total number of sets you want to do in each session and then you're good to go.

Pacing for each effort is all down to your judgement and you can see the time ticking down on a nice big timer on the Apple Watch face. The watch logs the distance covered during each interval and fires this into the iPhone app, although to access your data from past runs you'll need to cough up a whopping 99p. The really clever thing though is how this app doesn't really judge you in the same way others do. If you jog, run, sprint and complete your sets, you've done the job. It's challenging but achievable, which is exactly what all runs should be.

We'd love to see heart rate data captured and mapped against the intervals and perhaps for the app to set us some pace targets to keep us on our toes. A great way to work on your recovery, it also brings a bit of fun to potentially boring track runs and short distances. This isn't the best looking app you'll ever download, nor is it a bonanza of run-coaching features.

What it is, however, is a fantastically uncomplicated tool that has everything you need to set up interval sessions in a flash, direct from your Apple Watch. That's right, SIT gives you the kind of control most of the apps on this list would benefit from. All you have to do is choose the number of sets, the duration of your efforts and then the time you want to rest.

Hit Go and you're presented with a screen that shows which set you're on out of the total number, a countdown of how long is left to go in this set or this rest period and your current heart rate. There are many improvements we'd make to this app: We'd also love to see a variety of interval types, such as distance and even heart rate-based efforts, but this isn't a bad start.